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What should I know before ordering the Cup?


If you haven't used it before the cup, choose the smallest size. The cup can be successfully combined with a leak-proof underwear. Use cup on you rheavier days and period panties while your flow is light.


The cup may leak, especially in the beginning if you just started using it and maybe are learning to install it correctly. It is ideal to wear low-absorbency undies in case of leakage. Every body is different.


If the cup leaks

- Make sure you choose the right size

- Choose a smaller size

- Try folding differently

- Make sure the cup is opened correctly


If you experience discomfort, it is possible that you have placed the cup incorrectly or are using the wrong size. With the right size and the right use, you can forget that you have period and enjoy your daily activities.



Boil the cup for 5 minutes (use a deep pot). Do not keep in the cup for more than 12 hours without emptying. How often you need to empty your cup depends on the amount of blood you have. Always wash your hands first !! To remove, pull the container down from end until you reach the bottom. Squeeze gently to remove the vacuum and pull it out. Empty the cup, rinse and put back in place or sterilize, dry and wait for the next time.


  • Choose XS when you are trying your menstrual cup for the first time, you have low blood flow or you are a teenager
  • Choose S if you have not given birth or have given birth by caesarean section and have moderate menstrual periods
  • Choose L if you have given birth vaginally or if you have heavy menstrual periods

If you prefer to use a cup / tampon but still want to make sure that there are no unexpected leaks, then chone a pair of leakproof panties. Low-absorbency high-waist panties are great option for lighter days or instead of pantie liners.

Menstrual cup

    👇 Check the size! 👇
    When choosing between two sizes, choose a smaller one because the pants should hug you nicely.
    Hip measure - measure from the widest part.
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