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Level up your periods with RockingUndies

Detachable panties

Detachable panties oyou can change easily even in the smallest spaces comfortably.

Reusable pads  are great replacement to pads, easy to change and reuse. Keep always one with you for unexpected moments.


Low absorbancy hipsters are ment to replace pantiliners.

Hipsters are made to replace night pads/tampons.

Night hipsters  are perfect protection for nights that might need full coverage.

avatav bikini period panties_edited.png
kõrge pihaga lekkekindel pesukaitse alus

Thong and lace panties

Low-cut thongs are perfect for moderate days or as a protection.

Lace panties absorb a lot, are very feminine and sexy. Check the different colours available.
teens boxer lekkekindel kuupesu_edited.png

High waist

Higher waist  are hipsters with a bit highre cut. Replaces regular day pads

High rise panties and recycled fabric panties are ment to replace pantie liners. Great protection from smaller leaks or second protection with tampons/menstrual cups
lace hipsters with little secrets period undies


Teens bikini and teens boxer are great companions for teens and someone who prefers classical cuts and modest models.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnancy panties are great during and after pregnancy to catch all the leaks.

Leakproof pads
are great to protect your cloths from leaks while breastfeeding.
meeste boxer_edited.png
rocking undies lekkekindel antibakteriaalne imetamisrinnahoidja  pehme ja kehasõbralik

Urinary incontinence

Incontinence boxers for men who experience unexpected leaks.

How do the leakproof period undies work?
Have a look. For other questions you might find answers from here.

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If you need any help or have questions then dont hesitate to call me +372 5670 3333 or use chat.
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