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Period undies - how to choose?

The large selection can be confusing, but let's try to make it a little easier. To make a choice, it is important to think about how your life looks like. Its not only your flow, its also your lifestyle, your rhythm. Whether you spend most of your time at home or away from home. What are the options for changing undies? If you want to do it comfortably, what options do you have? How heavy your periods are?

Let's say you have a heavy menstruation and you are at home most of the time.

(heavy days - if you change the pad/ tampon every three hours.)


🌜A high absorbency hipster or night hipsters could be used at night. Hipster gave absorbent / waterproof part extends as high as normal night pads from behind. Night hipsters are leak-proof from lace to lace - they are great for front or/and back bleeders giving you the extra security sleeping on your back. Great protection for your sheets and bed. They keep you covered while you enjoy restful night sleep. Hipsters are also great to use when you spend the day sitting.

☀️During the day, you can choose between, for example, a comfortable high waist or lace lingerie . They absorb more but the absorbent part does not reach as high as in high absorbency hipsters. The other half of the periods are usually lighter and you can use, for example, light hipsters, high-waist panties or thongs.

If you have super heavy days, you may need an extra pair or two. After use, rinse with cold water and dry them.  It takes a bit longer to dry as they have several layers. Since the undies can be worn until "full" or up to 12 hours, for heavy periods you may need 4-5 pairs.

Let's say you have a heavy menstruation and you're away from home.

☀️ During the day, you could choose a pair of detachable bikini that can be opened from the side, so that you can comfortably (without undressing) change the underwear even in the smallest toilet. When you are away from home, fold the laundry nicely and put it in a leak-proof bag . It is a good idea to carry a pair of undies with leak-proof bag so its easy change. The bag is made of breathable material, so the undies are not in a dump environment and do not promote the growth of bacteria. When you get home, rinse the undies and let it dry. NB: It is not necessary to use the washing machine for every few pairs. All you have to do is rinse thoroughly under cool water and let it dry. At the end of the day, however, everything should be machine washed.

Let's say you have a light period

☀️🌜 If there are more modest days but the night still tends to be unsafe or you are unsure whether you can still sleep peacefully, take high-absorbency hipsters . However, if this is not a problem, you can safely choose between a bikini with a high waist , a side-opening bikini or a different color of lace .

Let's say you have light flow or need a bit of extra protection

If you normally use pantyliner's, it can now be replaced with a leak-proof underwear. From our selection, you can find pleasantly hugging panties with high waist, light hipsters or thongs for lighter days.  

For young people

There are three models for teenagers - boxer, bikini and night boxer- because the periods of young people are unpredictable and usually not so heavy, these two models are discreet and unnoticeable. For many, this is a sensitive issue and you don't want the whole class to see that your menstruating. While you change clothes in the locker room or before trainings - they look and feel exactly the same. They are completely imperceptible and indistinguishable from ordinary teenage undies. You can also buy a comfortable top to have matching set.  Of course, they are suitable for everyone who prefers classic cuts and discrete comfort.

Pregnancy, breast-feeding and postpartum underwear

During pregnancy, the body changes and unexpected leaks may occur. For this purpose, we have a selection of special lingerie for pregnant women that fits nicely under the abdomen and offers the extra security you need. They can be used nicely even after childbirth during recovery and later when menstruation begins. For breastfeeding mothers, we have leak-proof bamboo reusable breast pads to prevent clothes from getting dirty and wet. Bamboo fabric maintains a temperature and quickly absorbs moisture and liquid, leaving it feeling dry.

Reusable pads or underwear?

Pads are convenient to keep in a handbag or in the car with a bag .... in case the periods start unexpectedly. Happens to best of us, but can keep you covered if you have one with you. You don't have to undress and you can attach it to your undies nicely in the first toilet. The pads are as thin as the absorbent / waterproof layer of the leak-proof underwear. Their discrete, small and handy.

What are the differences?

There are many models and they also have a different length of leak-proof protection. It is better to understand from pictures. (pictures are illustrative)

Undies with shortest leak-proof absorbent protection

- Leak-proof panties are made to replace pantie liners
great for use with a menstrual cup or tampon for additional

protection or on lighter days, light leaks.
Undies with a high waist
Recycled fabric undies
Low absorbency leak proof hipsters

- Panties to replace day pads, regular tampons. 
Undies with a high waist
Lace pants in different colors
Detachable panties
Pregnancy undies

Panties with a absorbent/leak-proof part extended to the bum. Great

for sleep, also if you have to sit all day long and are afraid it might leak

from the back. They are ment to replace night pads
Hipsters with lace

The third option is for extreme safety - the absorbent/leak-proof part

is extended to full coverage. Made for nights for those who happen to

constantly leak extremely while sleeping on your belly or on the back.

Night hipsters

Night Boxers

100% peaceful sleep guaranteed !!

For everyone who love to wear the luxurious lace underwear we have

added red and black lace option with low absorption - wear them as

protection with cup or tampon or on their own with discharge as every day underwear to replace panty liners or on your lighter days. Feel sexy and beautiful every day!


Some prefer to use pads, some use undies and some use both. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and safe. If you have any questions, use the chat or call +372 5670 3333 and we will help you to find perfect solution for you.

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